Successful Appearance of Trebinje Winery at Fair in Novi Sad

icona_vinoFive producers of wine and brandy from Trebinje won 11 medals in different categories for wine and brandy at the international agricultural fair in Novi Sad.

All the winners received an honorary charter for quality graded wines, brandies and strong alcoholic drinks, which will be given to the city of Trebinje.

The success of the wineries at the fair is all the greater due to the participation of a number of competitors, and 76 participants from Serbia, BiH, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia evaluated their wines and brandies among 173 different kinds of products.

The winery “Petijević” won two silver medals for chardonnay wine and brandy, and and a bronze medal for wine ‘vranac’.

“Popovac” won two silver medals for wine and grape brandy, and a bronze medal for žilavka, ”Sekulović” for Merlo and žilavka, and a bronze medal for chardonnay, while ”Berak” won the silver medal for žilavka, and ”Dračevo” for vranac.

Ranko Petijević, the owner of “Podrum Petijević”, said that Trebinje has for a long time been known for good wine and that they could have expected to win some awards, but that they were surprised at the number of awards won.

“We see the future more in terms of tourism, rather than in export, so that for now we plan to expand the production of grapes and wine. We already think that it is necessary to expand the capacity of accommodation so that this tourist city could progress’’, said Petijević.

The medals won by Božo Sekulović, the owner of “Podrum Sekulović”, is a confirmation of their quality, based on which they would further build their image of family wineries in Herzegovina and their nurturing of wines from this area.

“Small winemakers are increasingly coming to the fore and I think that this is our future, where, in addition to the wineries, we have to build summer houses and taverns that can receive daily tourists that would stay here briefly, and with such an atmosphere they can return again’’, said Sekulović.

Herzegovina wineries agree that the future of this area rests on the continuation of this tradition, the production of wines, brandies, honey and cheese, as well as the cultivation and processing of fruits, which does not exist in the continental area of the RS.

(Source: Nezavisne Novine)

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