Cazin: ”Al-Dihani” is getting a new factory

Mayor of Cazin Nermin Ogrešević talked with the representatives of USAID- Sida FIRMA project and ”Al-Dihani” Company from Cazin about opening the new factory in Pjanići.

As a part of joint project by FIRMA project and ”Al-Dihani” in the cooperation with FBiH Employment Office, they will soon organise training for workers in timber industry, and after the training they should start working in ”Al-Dihani”

Manager of ”Al-Dihani” Elmir Omerčević said: ” In suburb of Cazin, Pjanići, we plan to open a section of mass production of laminated panels, furniture and building material. According to the technical study, 105 will be hired in the new factory.”

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