RS Can Learn From the Experience of Serbia

The RS Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Governance Lejla Rešić said in a meeting with the Minister of Construction and Urban Planning of Serbia Velimir Ilić of the importance of exchanging experiences of local communities on projects that have been implemented in Serbia, and that it would be significant for municipalities in the RS, especially in the area of energy efficiency.

Ilić has expressed his readiness for these projects, which have shown to be very profitable in local communities in Serbia and that would enable local communities in the RS.

During the meeting in Banja Luka on strengthening cooperation of cities and municipalities between Serbia and the RS, they highlighted the importance of cross-border cooperation projects. For this, a large number of local communities from both sides of the Drina are interested, and above all in the area of infrastructure, transport, communication and tourism, said the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Governance of the RS.

Rešić assessed this initiative as very good and said that these kinds of meetings, as well as the opportunity to connect local communities from the RS and Serbia with concrete projects are the backbone of the Agreement on Special and Parallel Relations.

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