39th Birthday of the Youth Theater Mostar 1974

Today on the 24th of February is the 39th anniversary of the Youth Theater Mostar 1974. In that period Youth Theater Mostar 1974 had 157 premiere  theater performances. Many awards and recognitions from around the world were given to this theater for its artistic achievements.

”Currently with the will of the City government, the Youth Theater Mostar 1974 is in a very unfavorable situation because it is forced to perform its repertoire and all other activities in other theater houses. Despite this situation, in the past two years this theater has performed 662 theater plays and won 23 art awards. Because of this situation and the relationship of the City government towards us, we decided to cut the birthday cake with our friends in Drežnica, far away from the city center. For our birthday we prepared a theater play of the Youth Studio entitled ” Olive branch” which we will perform for our friends and audience on the day of our birthday. We will also plant an olive tree in Drežnica and wish for positive changes and better times in this 39th year of Youth Theater Mostar 1974.”- stated in the announcement of the Youth Theater Mostar 1974.


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