CDM of UNFCCC project for helping the renewable energy sources has been registered with the help of home experts

Project of three small hydro power plant on river Kraljuščica (10 MW capacity) in the municipality of Konjic is the first project in BiH registered as a Clean Development Mechanism of UNFCCC, and which will reduce the emission of CO2 by producing the electricity from renewable energy source.

‘With technical, administrative and expert help of consultant house CETEOR Ltd. Sarajevo, the first CDM project has been registered. That’s only the 2nd such project registered by BiH, and first with the help of home experts’, said to Fena Head of the Energy Department in the Centre for Economic, Technological and Environmental Development CETEOR in Sarajevo Sanjin Avdić.

Avdić added that the basic element of that mechanism is to help the developing nations to get the needed money from the developed countries for building projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses like CO2.

This mechanism involves the application of emission-reduction projects in developing countries that have accepted the Kyoto Protocol.

‘Considering that BiH has accepted the Kyoto Protocol in February 2008, it automatically enables it to implement CDM projects. Unfortunately, the disorganisation of CDM procedures in BiH has resulted that BiH, until recently, didn’t have a single registered CDM project’, said Avdić.

He added that by 31 December 2012, there were 5511 registered projects in the World and 2000 more in the phase of registration.

‘Given the complexity of the implementation and registration of these types of projects, it can be concluded that the experts from CETEOR as pioneers in this field, have made a significant progress in this area. Therefore, local experts have gained significant international experience that can be of great benefit to all potential domestic companies during the proposal, consideration and implementation of CDM projects as an additional source of funding’ , said Avdić.

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