Cengic: More than 200 Skeletal Remains of Victims exhumed at the Site “Jakarina Kosa“

Lejla CengicMore than 200 skeletal remains of victims from the previous war were exhumed at the site Jakarina Kosa, at the area of the municipality Ostra Luka.

“It is important to remind that this is not number of identities, and we will have more information about the number and individual identities when we make the DNA analysis and compare found bones with blood samples of families“, said the spokeswomen of the Institute for missing persons of B&H, Lejla Cengic.

Also, unexploded ordnances were found at this site. Exhumation started on 6th July and will be continued in the next period.

“After the bodies of killed civilians from Prijedor were transported from the primary mass grave of the mine Tomasica to the mine Jakarina Kosa, explosive was thrown to them which caused the destruction of bodies and sloughing of a large amount of land, with the aim of destructing bodies and covering the crime“, said Cengic.

Some remains were found at the depth of five meters. It is about Bosniak and Croatian civilians killed in 1992 at the area of the municipality Prijedor.

After the exhumation, remains were transported to the Center for autopsy and identification Sejkovaca in Sanski Most, where the forensic and crime-technical processing will be done and bone samples will be extracted for the DNA analysis.

The certain number of victims, around 50 of them, were found at two sites, in the mass grave Jakarina Kosa and Tomasica, which indicates that part of the mass grave Tomasica was relocated to the site Jakarina Kosa.

Exhumation at the site Jakarina Kosa was done in 2001, when 373 remains of victims from Prijedor were exhumed, out of which 311 were identified through the DNA method.

(Source: klix.ba)

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