Commission for the Conduction of the Referendum in RS formed?

commission referendumZeljko Mirjanic was proposed yesterday in the National Assembly of RS for the president of the Commission for the conduction of the referendum on the work of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of B&H.

SNSD will have four members in the commission, DNS and SP two each and SDS-K one member.

As Radovan Vukovic, president of the parliamentary Commission for the election and appointment, explained to delegates, besides the former delegate Mirjanic (SNSD), following members were proposed: Ljiljana Dabic, Vili Kuljanac, Mile Dmicic, Dragan Ristic, Zeljko Skondric, Dragoljub Reljic, Dobrila Drinic and Darko Kremenovic.

Branislav Borenovic, head of the Club of PDP, said during the discussion that the referendum is too serious matter and that is frivolous to talk about it, if the commission that would conduct it is not formed.

“For more than two months we don’t know whether it will be a referendum or not“, said Govedarica.

Srdjan Milovic, delegate of SNSD said that there will be a referendum and that the leading coalition took the full responsibility for this act and that will be responsible for all they are doing.

Delegate of PDP, Miroslav Brckalo, emphasized that the leading coalition is manipulating with the people of RS with the story about a referendum and that it won on elections on that way.

As Brckalo said, it is about a fake protection of the interest of RS, because each time the current government has no responses to the economic problems, it is reaching for a referendum.

(Source: klix.ba)

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