Cengic: The new Labor Law is of higher Quality than the existing

agenda3The Employers’ Association of FB&H considers that the newly proposed federal labor law is of “much more higher quality than the existing”, and that it creates the conditions for more employment and new investments, stated the president of the association Safudin Cengic.

He points out that many things in the proposed law are not favorable for the employers and that will soon be stated at the press conference, and that the parliamentary procedure in which the Federal Government sent the law is an opportunity to attempt to obtain better solutions by concrete proposals.

As one of the participants in negotiations held between the employers, the unions and the government, Cengic noted that the need to harmonize the labor legislation with the European standards is the reason why the party he represents entered these negotiations.

After the warning from the unions that the new proposed law breaks the labor rights under the current legislation, the president of the Employers’ Association of FB&H calls on the unions to specifically point to the acts of the new text that they consider harmful or, in turn, to propose better solutions.

(Source: klix.ba)

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