Jelovac Wind Power Plant to put into Operation soon?

The Delegation of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad, led by Ivan Vukadin, visited the construction site of the Jelovac Wind Power Plant. During the visit, they agreed that of the current phase of construction of the second wind farm in the Tomislavgrad municipality is going smoothly.

All construction works are completed, a new substation and a pipeline, cabling of the mid-voltage cable, and a turbine assembly is currently underway, and the completion is scheduled for the next month.

After the completion of the installation, the Jelovica wind power plant will enter a test run in which the necessary tests will be performed in order to meet the specific conditions. Afterward, there will be a commercial operation with the full capacity.

Installation of 18 wind turbines took place within the wind power plant Jelovaca at the foot of the Tusnica Mountain in the Municipality of Tomislavgrad.

The investor is the company F.L. Wind with the headquarters in Tomislavgrad, and it is a wind turbine with 18 turbines and a total power of 36 MW.

The value of the investment is 40 million euros. The funds are secured by credit arrangement in commercial banks, making this project a largest private investment in the FBiH.

Works on the installation of wind turbine elements started in July this year, and the process of putting into operation is planned for the end of this year. This will be the second wind power plant in BiH.

The first one, WPP Mesihovina, was opened in the territory of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad in March this year, and its installed power is 52 MW.

(Source: ekapija)

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