Census in B&H Completed

zavrsen popisThe B&H Census of Population, Households and Dwellings ended last night at 21.00, in due time after 15 days of work.

Yesterday, The B&H Statistics Agency sent a letter to all the census commissions of the local government to confirm that the census is completed. The first preliminary results of the census will be announced in three months.

Adviser for the Public Relations of B&H Agency for Statistics Mirsada Adembegović stated at the press conference in Sarajevo that the census will not be extended because based on the obtained confirmation from the field it was concluded that this process can be completed on time as scheduled.

She announced that census materials from the local census committees will be distributed next week to the center for storage. Around 300 people are needed for the work at the Center for storage. The competition is issued, but still there is no detailed information about it.

It was confirmed that the census registrations were repeated in Srebrenica, and even there the whole process finished last night.

(Source: Fena)

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