CEO Conference in Zenica gathered more than 400 young People

On Saturday, November 11, the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo in cooperation with Faculty of Economics at the University of Zenica, together with co-organizers Sberbank BH and Sol Azur & Buenavista, organized one more spectacular CEO conference in Zenica, which has surely became recognizable event for all young people in BiH and the whole region. CEO conference was a meeting point for students and well-known individuals from BiH from the fields of entrepreneurship, art, sport and business โ€“ and this time it took place in Zenica. Positive examples and very interesting life stories motivated young people from Zenica and definitely left strong influence on their personal and career development.

At the conference, speeches were held by speakers that are breaking all stereotypes and proving that success in BiH is really possible, with a lot of hard work, love and persistence. Participants of the conference had the opportunity to hear life story of Franjo Sestak, general manager of Teximp SA Zenica, Faketa Salihbegovic-Avdagic, the actress of Bosnian national theatre in Zenica, Dalila Omerovic, hostess and the face of Hayat Television, Emir Skopljak who is working as Distributor Operations Manager for BiH in the company Procter & Gamble and Kasim Tatic, the professor at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo.

At the conference, Jasmin Porobic, director of Exclusive company, stated: “You have to continuously move forward and surround yourselves with people that are moving forward because you will create your progress in that way, and if your progress is strong enough, you will achieve your life revolution!”

Sabahudin Topalbecirevic, the most famous sports commentator in BiH, also shared his life story, and he sent the following message to all the participants: “Ideas such as the idea of CEO conference are great, and young people have to understand that they should not lose time, and they have to invest their time into education.”

Five years after its establishment, CEO conference won attention of the whole region and gathered more than 300 young people in organization of conferences in four countries, 300 companies which have supported the idea of this project and 150 speakers that have told their life stories to more than 10.000 young people who are not afraid of change and who are ready to work on creating better, more dynamic and more successful future in BiH and region.

As from the very beginning, the Faculty of Economics at the University in Sarajevo organizes the CEO conference in cooperation with Youth Employment Project (YEP) and with the support of the Government of Switzerland.

(Source: akta.ba)

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