Ceresit Olympics for Craftsmen from all over BiH

4“Ceresit Olympics” an event featuring a perfect combination of education and entertainment, which gathered over 100 craftsmen from all over BiH, was held in Sarajevo in the sport centre Una, announced Henkel BH d.o.o.

In the first event of this kind ever held in Sarajevo, over 100 craftsmen from different fields had a chance to exchange experiences, participate in the educational workshops and challenge each others’ skills.

Namely, following the presentation on the broad application of Ceresit products, they had a chance for team competition in five interesting disciplines.

In the discipline ”Supreme systems”, the competitors were required to demonstrate a supreme knowledge about the Ceresit products. The other discipline required a bit more than just a theory – the ”Quality for Professionals” discipline task was to assemble the best quality mosaic of offered materials.

In the category ”Innovativeness”, the competitors had to assemble a house of various materials with the support of Ceresit products. Following the first three categories which the competitors competed on common ground, the last two disciplines required both good shape and physical strength. Thus, in the discipline ”So fast, so strong”, they had to race with a bag over the head, while the last discipline ”Arm wrestling” required endurance.

With a lot of laughter and good fun, the golden medal of the Ceresit Olympics was awarded to the team Laguna; the silver medal went to the team Sahara, while the team Bali got the bronze.

All the winners have also received valuable gifts from Ceresit.

The purpose of the ”Ceresit Olympics’ is to strength good relationships with craftsmen from different fields from all over BiH, as well as introduction with the innovative possibilities of use of the supreme Ceresit assortment products.

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