Thanks to the Good People: Saric Family will survive this Winter

saric famillyAfter two young men from Srebrenik appealed for help to Ramiz Saric through social networks, help arrived to address of the former soldier of the Army of B&H.

Sulejman Mehmedovic and his friend Besim Bojadzija decided to help Ramiz, who feeds his family by collecting cans.

“A lot of people helped these days. People from diaspora participated as well. He received food, four meters of wood and some money,” said Bojadzija.

He and his friend Sulejman visited Ramiz and his family. Demobilized soldier said that he did not expect to get this much of help.

“I want to thank all those who were able to help me financially or in foodstuffs to survive this winter. Thank you from all of my heart,” said Ramiz.

Every day with a building wheelchair Ramiz is searching for cans, cardboards and anything else that can sell to earn something for living. This demobilized soldier was diagnosed with PTSD, and the trenches left their mark on his spine during the war. He was wounded in the head during the defense of the state, and according to him, he has no income.

(Source: S. Karic/faktor.ba)

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