End of the Traffic Jams: Opening of the Overpass in Brijesce

overpassEven though it was announced that after the demolition of the overpass in Brijesce, the new bridge should be completed by the New Year, the opening of the bridge is scheduled for the 15th of January at 3 pm.

After the completion of the construction of Lot 2A of the Sarajevo bypass that was put into operation on the 24th of November 2015 on the occasion of the Statehood Day of B&H, on the 26th of November was stopped the traffic on the overpass that connects Safeta Zajke Street with newly built roundabout in Brijesce.

The closure of this road caused massive traffic jams in a large part of the Municipality of Novi Grad and Sarajevo. Company Roads of FB&H directed the citizens on the alternative route through Buca Potok where the construction works on the roundabout are currently taking place.

On the 28th of November, on the field went the representatives of the Municipality of Novi Grad, Railways of FB&H, Roads of FB&H and the contractors of the company Euroasfalt and they determined alternative route for roads whose construction started on the same day. Alternative road was built in the record time of less than three days and it was opened for traffic on the 1st of December. We can say that the past month and a half ago this route was a real salvation for drivers who are using this road on a daily basis.

According to measurements made by the Direction for Roads on Tuesday, the 12th of January, alternative road was used by 16,407 vehicles in one day, which means that if adding night hours when the intensity is quite weak, during the day the road was used by more than a thousand vehicles per hour.




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