“Bekto Precisa“ signed a Contract with Austrian “Fischer“

Bekto Precisa - FischerThe company “Bekto Precisa“ from Gorazde signed today a contract with the world famous company for the production of ski equipment, “Fischer“ from Austria, worth 26 million euros.

By the contract, the production of bindings and other components in next few years was defined, and this contract is a recognition for BH company for successful cooperation with this renowned Austrian company.

The contract was signed by Franz Resch, the director of the development in “Fischer“, the director of procurement, Markus Hatti, and Enisa Bekto in the name of “Bekto Precisa“, as announced from this BH company.

It was added that this contract, as well as some others that are in the process of preparation, indicate the new momentum of “Bekto Precisa“ and its ascent to the European top of the quality and reputation.


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