“Chains” from the Doors of the National Museum finally removed!

ceremony2Elementary school students from Sarajevo, East Sarajevo and Pale symbolically removed the boards from the doors of the National Museum, which stood there for 3 years like chains and represented barriers between the public, knowledge and tradition.

After the boards with the “shameful” inscription: “Museum is closed” were removed, which was followed by a thunderous applause and tears of joy of the staff who was fighting for the survival of this institution, which is important for the history and cultural heritage of B&H.

Rich cultural program took place, and it was attended by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H, Denis Zvizdić, Minister of Civil Affairs, Adil Osmanović, US Ambassador to B&H, Maureen Cormack, Prime Minister of FB&H, Fadil Novalić and Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton, Elmedin Konaković, as well as the elementary school students who symbolically opened the museum.

“Today we attended the end of the tragicomic story. The opening of the museum is not the result of a political agreement, but pressure of International Community on our politicians. The status of the museum was resolved but after its opening remains the concern about its financing in the future, regarding which we will need the political agreement,” said historian, Dubravko Lovrenović.

Memorandum of Understanding for support of the work of cultural institutions with general importance and interest for B&H for the period 2016 – 2018 was signed before the opening ceremony in the premises of Parliament of B&H. The signatories attended the opening ceremony as well.

The National Museum is open for visitors from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and entrance as well as transportation to the Museum, which is organized by Centrotrans, is free of charge for all citizens.

3D video mapping projection will take place at 8:30 p.m. This is a mapping of the entrance to the National Museum, which symbolically reveals the infinite cultural, historical and natural treasure that this institution preserves and that was denied to the citizens of B&H for the past 3 years. Also, this event represents a symbolic retrospective of the activity “I am Museum”.



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