Tuzla Residents celebrated Orthodox Christmas with Wine, Cakes, and a traditional Dance

Yesterday, members of all religious denominations celebrated Orthodox Christmas in Tuzla with mulled wine, cakes, and traditional folk dance (kolo), thus showing the richness and beauty of diversity, with the multicultural spirit by which the city of salt is recognizable.

The Serbian Orthodox Church, the Tuzla Church Municipality, the Association ”Circle of Serbian Sisters and the Youth Association ”Obnova” (Renewal) organized a celebration yesterday on the Square of Freedom on the occasion of the happiest Christian holiday of Christmas.

This day was also special for Pelka Jovicic, activist and volunteer in the Youth Association ”Obnova”, who pointed out that celebrating Christmas in the center of Tuzla, but also all other religious holidays, is a long tradition.

“In this way, we emphasized the importance of preserving traditions and customs. We all want to welcome the joy of the holidays in peace and harmony while spreading the love that the holidays should bring,” mentioned Jovicic.

With traditional dance from Bosnia, folklorists from the University Association of Culture and Art ”Zvonko Ceric” (UKUD) yesterday presented the folk costumes of the Orthodox population, which are adorned with a certain dose of uniqueness.

“These costumes are specific in color. For example, the folk costume from Kresevo ​​is in a dark color, unlike the Muslim one which is in ‘vivid’ colors such as white, pink, red, yellow, and so on. Also, scarves, materials, and texture are different, and it is characteristic that the costumes differ between a woman and a girl who is not married in terms of setting up an apron and scarf “, explained Alma Babic, who has been a folklorist at UKUD Zvonko Ceric for 25 years now.




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