Pre-trial custody terminated for Director of the largest Industrial Manufacturer of Medicines in BiH

Having deliberated on a motion by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina /Prosecution/ seeking continuation of the pre-trial custody of the suspect Nedim Uzunović, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina /Court/ issued a Decision on 5 January 2022, denying the Prosecution’s motion and terminating the pre-trial custody of the suspect Nedim Uzunović ordered by a Decision of the Court dated 8 December 2021. At the same time, pursuant to Article 126 paragraphs 1 and 2 and Article 126a paragraph 1(b) and (c) of the Criminal Procedure Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Court imposed ban on leaving the place of residence (the Sarajevo Canton) without a prior approval from the Court. The suspect may not change his place of residence without a prior approval from the Court. The travel documents of the suspect shall be seized, no new travel documents may be issued and the suspect is not allowed to cross the State border using his ID card; the suspect is ordered to stay 100 meters away from the building of the Bosnalijek. Sarajevo and its branches.

Also, the Court imposed ban on meeting with or contacting (directly or indirectly) witnesses, co-suspects, current and former employees of the Bosnalijekd. Sarajevo, members of the Supervisory Board and Management Board of the Bosnalijek d.d. Sarajevo and known co-perpetrators and other accessories to the crime in question, including staying 100 meters away from them.

The imposed measures shall last for as long as necessary, not exceeding the date of finality of a judgment if no prison sentence is imposed or the date of referral to serve a prison sentence if such a sentence is imposed, i.e. a different decision of the Court. The imposed measures shall be reviewed every two months and the suspect has been cautioned that he may be ordered into pre-trial custody should he fail to comply with any of the measures imposed.

Nedim Uzunović is suspected of committing the criminal offense of Organized Crime under Article 250 of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina /CC BiH/ in conjunction with the criminal offenses of Abuse of Office or Official Authority.

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