Chandeliers from BiH in New York

Copper chandeliers made in BiH can now be bought in New York.

This breakthrough of BiH products in the US market was brought by Bruce Gilardi, the associate of the USAID Sida FIRMA project and a businessman from New York who has been living in Sarajevo for several years and is working on connecting artisans from BiH with New York traders and designers.

The chandelier was designed by New York designer Michele Varian, who was taught by Gilardi the craft of BiH metal craftsmen and enabled business cooperation with them.

The copper chandelier, which is 23 cm wide and 25.5 cm long, is made by the copper sheets bent around wooden molds with small blows with a hammer, and thus is spun on a lathe to get the ideal spherical shape.

Michele Varian is also the owner of the prestigious designer stores under the same name in Manhattan where the chandeliers are being sold this month. Thus, this ‘made in BiH” product is found alongside other international designers from jewelry, tableware, decorative textiles and other home furnishings.

According to Bruce Gilardi, it is expected that other artisan products made in BiH will make its way to the prestigious market in the next period.

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