Charity Marathon “Meter for Health” to be held in Sarajevo

saricOn the 2nd of October, a charity marathon “Meter for health” will be held in Sarajevo. The initiator of the idea is a musician, writer and journalist, Arnel Saric Sharan.

He is also the only runner in this year’s edition of “Meter for health”. Total revenue from donations will be given to the Association ‘A heart for children with cancer in FBiH’ and the Agreement for donation has already been signed. This is not the first time that Arnel Saric and the association cooperate – he organized two rock and roll concerts in 2006 and 2008 at which was collected more than 5,000 BAM.

The basic idea of “The Meter for health” is a modification of the idea of “charity sale of kilometers”. While in the world marathon runners traditionally sell kilometers of their race and donate the collected money, Arnel Saric decided to sell the meters at a price of 1 BAM per meter. Of the total distance of 42.195 meters, which is the length of the marathon, 1,285 meters have been sold so far, thus 1,285 BAM have been collected. Most of this amount was paid by the company Arcus Ltd. Sarajevo. With 1,000 BAM donation, they became the first platinum sponsor of “Meter for health”.

The marathon will stretch through all four Sarajevo municipalities with several circular sections, and at the 26th kilometer, Arnel Saric will run to the Parents’ House of the ‘Heart for Children’.

It is possible to donate via Internet (PayPal), the banking system or in person, and it should be noted that they agreed on the cooperation with the NGO Marathon, and the Association ‘Heart for children’ will set up stands for donations on this year’s races organized by NGO Marathon, Avon Girls running (the 11th of September 2016) and the Coca-Cola Sarajevo half-marathon (the 18th of September 2016).

Any additional information about the donation and support of the project “Meter for Health” can be found on the official website www.metarzazdravlje and on their Facebook page.


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