Charter of Ban Kulin is a Millennial Bosnian State’s Birth Certificate

kulinbbanThe exhibition “Bosnia in Times of Ban Kulin” was opened on Saturday in the old town of Srebrenik. The exhibits were prepared by Archives of the Federation of B&H. The sixteen exhibits speak about the medieval Bosnian state and its ruler Ban Kulin who wrote the famous Charter on August 29, 1189. Today Charter of Ban Kulin is kept in the State Archives of Dubrovnik and in St. Petersburg.

Talking about the significance of the Charter, the director of Archives of the Federation Adamir Jerković said that it was the first act of diplomacy and the birth certificate of Bosnian statehood written in the Bosnian national language.

“By keeping the memory of Ban Kulin in this way, we witness our millennial history and optimism about the state’s future that reigned at the Bosnian court. In the act of Ban Kulin who had to renounce Bogumilism in 1203 we should notice the Bosnian wisdom that says that one shouldn’t keep hitting his head against a hard wall if it will not bring results. It was wiser to wait, to give up on something for the sake of the most important interest, the preservation of state”, Jerković said.

He added that we should follow his step and have a wise approach to the current Bosnian and European situation, aware that we have to loosen up on something and tighten up on something else, until we reach our goal.

“And our goal is Bosnia and Herzegovina, a free community of equal nations who live and work in it”, these were the words of Adamir Jerković, the director of Archives of the Federation, as he expressed his support to the idea of the Complex of the Old Town of Srebrenik’s transformation into a statehood memorial of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Among those who spoke in the ceremony dedicated to Ban Kulin were the manager of Preporod, Nermin Tursić, Edib Mutapčić and Mirza Suljagić, who thanked to Archives of the Federation for the promotion of independent and free Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All three of them pointed out that Bosnia had had a regulated state and an institution of a sovereign ruler in the 12th century.

The exhibition “Bosnia in Times of Ban Kulin” whose author is Admir Hadrović will be transferred in the House of Culture Srebrenik during the next couple of days to make it available to as many people as possible, as announced from the Service for Public Relations of Archives of the Federation.


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