Little Belgian Boy Džeko got an Autograph from Edin Džeko

dzekiEdin Džeko, a professional football player from Bosnia and Herzegovina gave an autograph to a five months old Belgian boy, a baby named Džeko.

“To Džeko –baby, with love! Edin Džeko” is what the forward of B&H and Italian Roma wrote in the autograph to a boy who was named after him.

This act has made the baby’s parents Belgians Silke Ogiers (24) and Gerta Ruyskenvelda (35) enormously happy. Their son was born on March 17th this year and they named him Džeko, after the football player’s last name.

They didn’t doubt much about the name for their son, as they said to Maid Malešak, the Bosnian who lives in Belgium and who shared this interesting story. As Silke and Girt said once –they have watched Edin Džeko’s playing for years and they feel great love and respect for him.

To make it even more interesting, Džeko Ruyskenveld was born on March 17th 2015, and that is the birthday of one of the best football players of the world- Edin Džeko.

(Source: faktor)

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