Children from Sarajevo Kindergartens welcomed Delegations from EYOF

Children from Sarajevo’s “Iskrica”, “Višnjik”, “Vrapcic” and “Slavuj”, kindergartens, working within the Public Institution “Children of Sarajevo”, together with their educators, have realized a project in order to welcome the athletes and delegates at a festive opening ceremony EYOF on February 10th, 2019 at the Olympic Stadium Asim Ferhatovic Hase.

Namely, the tunnel through which the athletes and delegates will pass through will be decorated with fingertips printed and welcomed in all 46 languages of 46 EYOF participating countries.

The teacher from kindergarten “Vrapčić” Irena Manzalovic has enthusiastically joined the project “Printing children’s hands and message to participants”. “It is a great honor and pleasure to be part of this great event.

Children of Vrapcic kindergarten joyfully responded to the invitation of the organizer and took part in making the works in which they printed their hands and printed messages of hospitality and welcome.

Through the contact with the organizers we have a list of participating countries and we decided in our kindergarten to welcome all competitors to their own language. Children are proud and happy to host such a wonderful and significant event, “Manzalovic said.




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