Children learning Bosnian in 187 Municipalities in Sweden?

12825385_1736597419910268_1390709885_nMinister of Education of Sweden Aida Hadzialic stated in a conversation with the Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH Adil Osmanovic, that the establishment of economic relationship between BiH and Sweden and the establishment of cooperation in the field of education are the main reason for her visit to BiH.

She emphasized that Sweden has extensive experience in the field of education, and that their main objective is that the Swedish education system becomes the best in the world, and they want to share this experience and knowledge with BiH.

Minister Osmanovic emphasized that Sweden is an example of the country where everyone have equal rights to education. He especially emphasized the fact that the right of everyone to study their mother tongue is fully respected in this country, where in 187 out of 290 municipalities the children of BiH origin have the ability to learn their mother tongue – Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian language.

Minister Osmanovic and Minister Hadzialic talked about the possibilities of using the Swedish experience in the development of a qualifications framework for BiH, aligning the education with the needs of labor market, entrepreneurship in education, and especially about the possibilities for greater cooperation in the field of student mobility through the ERASMUS + Program.

(Source: klix.ba)


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