Information on Road Conditions in B&H and on Border Crossings

roads of FBHAccording to collected information, yesterday’s traffic ran on mostly dry and partially wet roads. The car frequency was increased near major urban centers. Drivers are advised to drive with the maximum caution and to mandatory keep the distance between vehicles.

Due to the repair works on the dilatation devices on two bridges at the highway section A-1 Podlugovi-Sarajevo north, the traffic (in the length of approx. 4km) was two-way, in the right road track.

On the main road M-5 Transit through Sarajevo, due to the works, the traffic regime was changed. Vehicles of more than 7.5 tons used the passage through the city, while vehicles up to 7.5 tons and buses used the alternative route on the part between Bistrik and the intersection Vrace and conversely. Due to the repair works, the traffic for vehicles more than 7.5 tons was stopped on the northern entrance to Mostar (at the part from Zalik to the National theater), and the alternative route for this category was the southern entrance to Mostar.

Shorter delay occurred on sections where repair works were carried out and the traffic regime was changed. Those were following routes: Konjic-Jablanica-Prozor, Doboj-Gracanica, Celinac-Kotor Varos, Capljina-Stolac, as well as works in Mostar (route through the city).

According to information collected from the Border police of B&H, retentions at the border crossings were no longer than 30 minutes.

(Source: nap.ba)

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