Chinese-Israeli Consortium submitted its bid for bankrupt Aluminum Smelter

The Chinese-Israeli consortium submitted its bid for Mostar Aluminum on Friday and presented business plans to restart production to representatives of the FBiH Government and Mostar companies.

Due to the extensive material, the Government was not able to consider the offer of this consortium yesterday, and will do so at one of the next sessions.

Unofficially, Oslobodjenje newspapers learned from sources close to the Federal Government that the said consortium offered an investment of around 200 million euros, the construction of a special power plant for Aluminum as a long-term solution for electricity supply, the opening of a facility for working on finished aluminum products, and the return of all workers to their workpplaces within a year. Supposedly, the offer also includes a proposal to subsidize a portion of the electricity price until the power plant is built.

It is expected that the Federal Government may consider the offer in the next few days, as well as the offer of the Arab company WAQT Trade LLC, which is expected to submit its offer soon. Now is the time for possible negotiations, and the move is on the Federal Government. It is hoped that the broken relations between SDA and HDZ BiH political partners on numerous other issues will not affect the course of the Aluminum negotiations, although it is clear that mutual political blackmail and linking of Mostar’s company solutions with other problems are possible, writes Dnevni List.

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