“Chocolate Anarchy” in Sarajevo

cokoladni neredi u saThe event “Chocolate Anarchy”, which for the third year pints out the unity of all citizens was held in front of the BBI centre in Sarajevo – by Anadolu Agency.

The event was also held in some other Bosnian towns, at the Španjolski trg in Mostar and in the Park “Petar Kočić” in Banja Luka.

Amateurs of chocolate gathered tonight and everyone brought two chocolates, one to share with the ones they came with and one to donate for the children in areas damaged by the floods.

The president of the Association of high school pupils in B&H Hajrudin Solak said that this event is organized for the third year now and it began in Mostar as an answer to the chaos that happened at the Španski trg because of nationalism e.g. the fights that occurred after the match.

“The day after first “Chocolate Anarchy” was held at the same place the fights happened the day before. People gathered and shared chocolates.” – said Solak.

As he said, this year the event was held for the first time in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

“This year the event has a humanitarian sign on it” – said Solak.

(Source: Radio Sarajevo/ photo: AA)

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