CIA published Data on the ethnic Composition of Population in B&H?

CIAIn the latest report of CIA on B&H, which is on the official site of this agency and which was published several days ago, among other things it was precisely stated that 3,867,055 inhabitants live in B&H, of which 48.4 percent are Bosniaks, 32.7 percent Serbs, 14.6 percent Croats, while the percentage of Others in the ethnic structure of B&H amounts to 4.3 percent.

What is interesting is that this number does not agree with the preliminary results which were published in B&H (3,791,622), and the percentage of ethnicity was never made public.

Furthermore, it was stated on the CIA site that the age structure of population in B&H is as following:

0-14 years: 13.48 percent (male 269,086/female 252,189)

15-24 years: 12.36 percent (male 246,849/female 231,007)

25-54 years: 46.48 percent (male 902,704/female 894,787)

54-64 years: 14.01 percent (male 259,579/female 282,371)

65+ years: 13.67 percent (male 206,288/female 322,195)

CIA Published BH Census Results hayat.baSarajevo is stated as the largest urban region with a population of 318,000 inhabitants.

It was noted next to all data that these results are not official, which is logical given that the results have not yet been published in B&H. However, a question arises: how did the CIA obtain such precise information?

Population census in B&H was held from October 1 to 5, 2013 and it cost around 46 million BAM.

(Source: hayat.ba)

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