Citizen of BiH kidnapped recently in Libya?

12782042_1733341056902571_404571700_nCitizen of BiH was kidnapped ten days ago in Libya, and BiH authorities managed to release him through their connections in Libya, as confirmed by BiH officials.

Unofficially, it was the employee of a local company that operates in that country.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs led the activity, and it was a classic case of kidnapping for money. The criminal group decided to kidnap a foreign citizen and try to earn some money this way,” said the Assistant of Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Zoran Perkovic.

“We led the whole activity out of the public eye, simply because we believed that it will be much more efficient if we do not give publicity to all of this. The man was released after a few days. Appropriate amount of money was paid for his freedom and he was returned to the camp of the company for which he works,” he said.

“We pulled all of our connections, over Tripoli and through Sarajevo, and indeed the people of Libya, officials, private individuals, prominent figures, tribunals and the leaders of the tribes, were engaged. The kidnappers were not looking for anything but money, and that was very symbolic sum of money. Company paid the money,” said Ibrahim Efendic, the Ambassador of BiH to Libya.

Efendic emphasized that companies from BiH and its embassies are not targets of terrorist organizations in Libya, and that this kidnapping was a coincidence.

“The situation in Libya is turbulent, both politically and safety, there is a dozen of our companies, state, private and mixed ones, and they work all around Libya,” he said.

(Source: Al Jazeera)


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