Citizens invited for Revaccination, but there are no Vaccines

Revaccination of patients who received the first dose of thecoronavirus vaccine in Canton Sarajevo (CS) was supposed to start yesterday, as previously announced by the Health Insurance Institute of CS.

Even though a large number of citizens came to the appointment scheduled during the vaccination with the first dose of the vaccine, they had to return because there were no vaccines for revaccination.

An additional problem was created by the fact that there was an unbearable heat of over 35 degrees, and most of the patients who came for revaccination were elderly.

At the vaccination point in Zetra, it could be noticed that the citizens were dissatisfied, and they stated that, after the initial praise for the organization of the vaccination, they are now very disappointed in it.

“How is it possible to get a dose and have a secured dose for revaccination, but when you come to the scheduled appointment, they point out there are no vaccines at all. The citizens were not informed, we came in this heat and then they said there were no vaccines. With due respect, after all the praise we had before for the whole organization, now the question is whether that appointment for the revaccination can be extended, ” stated one citizen.

Another lady had a similar opinion who said that she was properly given an appointment for revaccination, and when she came they told her that there were no vaccines.

“Yesterday I called all day, no one picked up, this morning they called me to ask if I had a confirmation. I said I have, they toldme I should come, they will meet me. I came and now they do not want to meet me. It is not easy to come here from Cengic Vila when there is a temperature of 38 degrees, ” she noted yesterday.

It was the same with another elderly lady, who is chronically ill and who does not know whether to stay or leave and then return when they call her.

“I am 70 years old, I am diabetic, how can I stand in this heat, to come and then go back. I received the first vaccine, they told me to come today, I came as they told me, but now they claim there are no vaccines,” she pointed out yesterday.

Regarding the shortage of vaccines, the Minister of Health of the CS, Haris Vranic, was contacted, who said that inviting people to revaccination and scheduling appointments is not the responsibility of his ministry.

“I really don’t know why they call people for revaccination if there are no vaccines,” Vranic said, Klix.ba writes.


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