Citizens of BiH rushed to Belgrade for Vaccination forming large Crowds even before the Opening of Vaccination Points

( Milos Miskov – Anadolu Agency )

A large number of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) decided to spend this weekend implementing the immunization process in neighboring Serbia, so yesterday in the early morning hours in Belgrade, large crowds could be noticed in front of the vaccination points in Belgrade.

In front of Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair, where citizens can be vaccinated without an appointment, a large number of BiH citizens were recorded who, due to the inadequate response of our authorities to the problem of vaccine procurement, decided to use the possibility of free immunization in Serbia.

Vaccination points at the Belgrade Fair were active yesterday from 8 am, and according to information from the scene from the competent people of the Fair, large lines were formed even before the opening of the points, so more than a thousand people were already waiting in line in front of Hall 3.

Vaccination of citizens, apart from Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair, is also being performed in Hall 11, but as the officials emphasize, there is a slightly smaller crowd at this point.

Although there were crowds in the past days, since the weekend is here, a significantly larger number of citizens from neighboring countries, primarily BiH, North Macedonia, and Montenegro, are expected at the Belgrade Fair today.

Yesterday, in the early morning hours, according to the BiH Auto-Moto Club (BIHAMK) report, an increased frequency of cars was recorded at the border crossings with Serbia.

According to BIHAMK, traffic jams were noticed at Border Crossing (GP) Karakaj Zvornik and GP Raca, as well as at the GP Sepak and GP Pavlovica most, where longer convoys of vehicles were formed.

To recall, for entry to Serbia at this moment, only a valid BiH passport is needed, while a negative PCR test is currently not required by the competent authorities in Serbia.

Vaccination does not require a medical certificate, and as we all were able to see in the previous days, the vaccination process, including the administrative procedure, does not take too much time, KLix.ba writes.

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