City of Medugorje in Quarantine, Nuns and Monks Coronavirus Positive


The new focal point of the coronavirus epidemic in Herzegovina is the city of Medjugorje, is stated during the press conference in Mostar on Monday.

Due to the appearance of coronaviruses in Medjugorje, “Mother’s Village” and a nuns’ monastery were put into complete quarantine, confirmed the head of the Infectious Diseases Department of SKB Mostar Jurica Arapovic, Klix.ba news portal reports.

He said the monastery had about twenty monks and nuns, saying that everyone had milder symptoms at the beginning of March.

“Some of them have been tested, not all of them, and they are positive for Covid 19. It’s an open religious system. The nun has been in contact with the Mother’s Village as well, and that house with the monks and the Mother’s Village is also being quarantined, ” said Arapovic.

He stressed that they are currently testing primary contacts who are at high risk for acquiring Covid-19. ”Of those 18, currently three are in our hospital, one nurse is on a respirator, with a severe and uncertain prognosis, in critical condition, ” Arapovic added. Speaking about coronavirus foci in Herzegovina, he expressed concern about the fact that foci are being opened without an epidemiological background.



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