Zvizdic: Wrong and provocative Activities that further complicate Relations between BiH and Croatia

The decision of the Republic of Croatia to close five border crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina, which causes direct, and obviously intentional, economic damage to BiH businesses that export their products to the EU, is the latest in a series of wrong and provocative activities that further complicate and worsen relations between BiH and Croatia, wrote the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly Denis Zvizdic on Twitter.

“I do not want to believe, although there are indications of such a thing, that this unilateral decision, which is contrary to the BiH-Croatia Agreement on border crossings, as well as the provisions of the EU-BiH Stabilization and Association Agreement, has a political background and represents a  new type of pressure, blackmail and interference in the internal matters of BiH,” says Zvizdic.

He believes that the competent institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina should urgently take action to protect the economic sovereignty of BiH, including the initiation of reciprocal legal and economic measures of Bosnia and Herzegovina against legal and natural persons from the Republic of Croatia.

Zvizdic is of the opinion that the campaign should be intensified, especially by chambers of commerce at all levels do buy and use domestic products as much as possible, with special emphasis on the recommendations to spend the summer in resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If there is no reaction from the competent EU bodies, and interstate talks and common sense do not give a quick and efficient result, he notes that an agent should be appointed and a lawsuit filed by Bosnia and Herzegovina against the Republic of Croatia before international arbitration tribunals.

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