City Planning Action under Motto “Zenica, I love You” Began

The staff for the implementation of the city planning action for Zenica 2013 held its first meeting today. It marked the official start of this year’s clean-up and of the city that has retained the name “Zenica, I love you” from last year, but it has undergone some changes.

The assistant mayor of Zenica municipality in the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment Mubera Pezo explained that the action no longer has a time limit until 20 March, when the Day of Zenica will be marked. Rather, the project will be implemented throughout the entire year, until 15 November.

However, the emphasis at the beginning is the cleaning and washing of the streets, planting of evergreen trees and the removal of waste in order to prepare for the marking of the Day of Zenica.

In this period, the focus of activities are on the utility company “Alba” that will undertake most of the work, while the rest of the utility companies will undertake work within their scope.

Also, it should be noted local communities can contribute through the Department for Activities of Local Communities, and public utility companies will provide the necessary support.

“Based on the positive experience of last year, a competition will be organized in elementary schools in gathering packaging, waste paper and cartons, and interest to be included in this action was shown by some high schools’’, said Pezo.

During the implementation of this project, it is planned to plant more than 200 trees in two avenues, in two locations in the city, and there should be regular planting of seasonal flowers and rehabilitation of children’s playgrounds.

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