City Public Kitchen feeds about 1,800 Citizens daily

kitchenCity soup kitchen in Zenica is preparing two meals every day for about 1,800 citizens, who are provided with these meals thanks to this public institution.

Under the current circumstances in which soup kitchen works and operates, they need about 6 tons of potatoes, ton and a half of meat without bones, over 350 kilograms of rice, 450 liters of oil, and many other cooking supplies every month. Most of the funds for the work of the kitchen is provided from the budget of the City of Zenica and thanks to several major donors, who provide funds for the minimal conditions for the work of the soup kitchen since it was established back in 1990.

During 2015, the city of Zenica allocated about 600,000 BAM for the work of the soup kitchen and the rest came from donations, while the total funds required for the preparation of meals of socially vulnerable citizens in one year amounts to about 850,000 BAM.

Number of users of the soup kitchen in Zenica is slightly decreasing or increasing, but it mostly includes people from the records of the Centre for Social Work, old and disabled persons without relatives, refugees, the Roma population or citizens who have suddenly found themselves in the status of social need.

Besides the City soup kitchen, which prepares its meals in the framework of the Public Institution Home and Family, Merhamet and soup kitchen of Caritas are working in Zenica as well, but the number of their users is significantly lower.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)




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