Coca-Cola about the Possibility of taking over the Brands of the Banja Luka Company

The news that the world’s giant Coca-Cola is interested in buying a Banja Luka based company for the production of drinks – MB Impex, first published by BiznisInfo , has spread out not only in the domestic public but also in the regional business community, and it was also interesting for international media.

Coca-Cola HBC company confirmed for the site in the English language: “” that it is negotiating with the Banja Luka firm “about buying some of its brands “.

“A spokesman for Coca-Cola said it is negotiated about the transaction involving the acquisition of some brands of MB Impex , but did not provide further details, it is said by, “ reports BiznisInfo.

This site adds that discussions are also being held on the possible distribution of MB Impex products by Coca-Cola subsidiaries in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

MB Impex was established in 1996 and it produces alcoholic beverages of fruit, honey and medicinal herbs. According to the RS company register, it has 39 workers and it exports to 13 countries. It also owns orchards and has an annual production of about 500.000 liters.

Economist from Banja Luka Predrag Dudukovic, told for BIRN that this acquisition shows that, despite all, it is still possible to run a successful business in this country.

“Unfortunately, this is just one example, not a rule or a signal that would indicate an increase in foreign investment, “ he said.



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