CRS Project: Construction of New Building in Potočari

“A new project called the ‘Local Action Group’ will work on projects of a similar nature, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Holland will support the project and development of the region of Srebrenica. A new project by CRS will soon be presented-social housing and a new building that will be built in Potočari’’, said the Mayor of Srebrenica Ćamil Duraković for FENA.

He said that during the meeting with Jurrian Krak, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Holland in BiH during his visit to Srebrenica.

“The Embassy of the Kingdom of Holland to BiH will support Srebrenica in its political and economic development, and the Mayor spoke to me about the political and economic situation in Srebrenica’’, said Jurrian Krak for FENA.

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