100 Applications a Day for Jobs in Germany

Several thousand BiH citizens are interested in finding a job in Germany, even though there is room for only 500. In the last few months there are around 100 job applications a day.

This was confirmed by Boris Pupić, a spokesman for the Agency for Labor and Employment in BiH. He added that those interested are contacting them every day, so this is an indicator that there is great interest in this.

According to him, there are people interested who even have full-time employment in BiH.

There should be a public invitation these days for medical technicians from our country to work in Germany for a pay from 1.500-2.000 euros.

Pupic said that with this agreement, whose signing is expected every day, around 500 people would find a job in Germany.

Abud Sarić, the President of the Union of Workers in Healthcare in the FBiH said that he is certain that thousands of medical workers would try to obtain a job in Germany.

“Every normal individual would like to escape from here, especially under these conditions, which secure a salary between 1.500-2.000 euros, and including other conditions such as regular pay, insurance, accommodation, food and overtime pay’’, said Sarić.

Milenko Granulić, the President of the Syndicate for Health and Social Protection of the RS, said that a large number of physicians, especially those who are unemployed, would leave BiH and go work in Germany.

“Even though things over there are not all that great, at least our employees demonstrate some experience, and especially young people who would leave to try and earn something’’, said Granulić.

In the school for foreign languages “Marco Polo” in Banja Luka, every year there is particular interest in learning German, and the reason is to obtain chances for employment.

“There is less interest in German this year, but the fact remains that it is the language that is always popular because it has become a general requirement’’, announced the school “Marco Polo”.

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