30th Nivea BH Fashion Week in Sarajevo

Creative team of BH Fashion Week Sarajevo is proudly presenting its 30th fashion event, which is the largest fashion event in BiH. The Nivea BH Fashion Week Sarajevo will be held from 26 to 28 March in the Hall of Armed Forces of BiH under sponsorship of global cosmetics brand NIVEA.

NIVEA is renowned cosmetics brand that has been supporting the development of BiH fashion scene for years.

President of Beiersdorf Ltd. Zagreb Branko Kotorac said: ‘During this unique event, our wish is to enable BiH designers to show their talent and creativity through their unique models and collections. Our goal is to support the potentials of women entrepreneurship and to point out their importance. This project is an excellent platform for the development of BiH fashion scenes and one of the manners for improving the economic status women. Designers show that there is indeed a fashion scene in BiH, and they come from different towns of BiH. Some of theme produce clothes and other accessories from the best natural materials.’

In the past fifteen year, around 1000 fashion shows has been organised in Sarajevo.

Manager of Abc Models Agency Stela Zubak, who is the executive producer of this event said: ‘Professionalism, high quality, creativity and fresh ideas are characteristic of the 30th Nivea Fashion Week Sarajevo and have been the most important aspect of all previous projects. The famous brand Nivea has recognised the importance of this project and gave its contribution to strengthening BiH fashion scene and presentation of BIH designers.’

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