Collective Funeral for 29 Bosniak Victims in Prijedor Today

Prijedor Collective Funeral novi.baThe farewell and collective funeral of the remains of 29 Bosniaks from Prijedor, the victims of the last war, will take place at the stadium in the returnee village Hambarine today, and the burial will be conducted in the local graveyards.

The organizer of the collective funeral of the identified victims is the Majlis of the Islamic Community Prijedor and Kozarac.

The collective burial of the residents of Prijedor who were killed in the past war is taking place for the 13th time. Following the decision of the organizer, it is being carried out on July 20th every year.

The central gathering is taking place today at the stadium of the Youth Football Club ‘’Vedro Polje’’ in Hambarine, starting at 9 a.m.

After the funeral, transport and burial at the locations throughout Prijedor will be carried out.

The remains of the identified victims are mostly exhumed from the mass graves Tomašica in the area of Prijedor, Korićanske Stijene in the area of Kneževo, and Hrastova Glavica pit at the territory of Sanski Most.

The youngest victim is Zikret Redžić, killed when he was 18 years old, and the oldest victim is Asim Žerić who was 67 years old in the moment of death.

The remains of Zikret Redžić were found in the mass grave Tomašica, and the remains of Asim in Jakarina Kosa.

Sead and Mehmed Kadić, father and son whose remains were found in Tomašica, will also be buried at the collective funeral.

On July 20th last year, the collective funeral and burial of the remains of 284 victims killed during the past war within the territory of Prijedor was carried out.

It was 283 civilians of Bosniak nationality and one victim of Croatian nationality.

(Source: klix.ba)

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