Companies that worked on ‘Vijenac’ tunnel seek higher engagement of BiH companies

Manager of ‘Autoceste FBiH’ (FBiH Highways) Ensad Karić on yesterday’s ceremony on the occasion of excavating the tunnel said: ‘We’ve fulfilled the promise given in August last year, that the tunnel will be excavated by 1 March’.

He noted that BiH companies finished the job in just seven months, while their predecessors, Slovenian companies did it in 20 months.

Karić added that the tender for second phase of works is going to be finished soon, the hydro isolation, concrete and electro-mechanical installations, etc.

In the preparation of the tender with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, we demanded that BiH companies get the chance to apply for the second phase, since they deserved it.

He expressed special gratitude to workers, adding that without their hard work, the deadline would not have been met.

Karić said that the workers , with their work in three shifts, apart from building the tunnel, have shown that BiH construction companies are worthy and returned the good reputation of BIH

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