Company ‘EMKA’ – very important for the economic development of Bosnian Podrinje Canton

emkaOn the call of the mayor of Mettmann, heads of municipalities Goražde and Foča-Ustikolina Muhamed Ramović and Zijad Kunovac  are visiting this German city in order to participate in the marking of 25 years of the association ‘Mettmann- Goražde’.

During their stay in Mettmann, a visit to drives of ‘EMKA’ company, where Ramović and Kunovac met with the manager of ‘EMKA’ Joachim Wolff and representative of ‘Emka Bosnia’ Omer Kalkan was organised.

This German company, together with ‘Bekto Precisa’, ‘Prevent’ , ‘Ginex’ and others are the most important companies for the economic development of Bosnian Podrinje Canton and in Goražde it already employs 200 people. During the meeting in Germany, they talked about the construction of new drives in the Industrial zone ‘Vitkovići’ and increasing the number of employees to 500.

Ramović said: ‘I am fascinated with what I saw and I’m very happy that we have a new company in Goražde, one that employs 200 people and will soon ensure new jobs in drives which are being built in the industrial zone ‘Vitkovići’. This successful company has more than 1300 workers in Germany and Goražde will be available to this and any other investor’, said Ramović.


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