Company established by a Bosnian from Diaspora makes Success in Denmark

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) company “Freund Electronics”, established by a Bosnian Anel Bektas from Diaspora, has finalized new projects in Denmark. What is important for BiH is that new agreed orders will open opportunities for new employment here.

“Examples of good cooperation, innovations, and easier access to international markets confirm that BiH Diaspora investment has great potential for BiH’s economic development. I am happy to share the good news about what we are doing internationally because this encourages others to think about investing in our country,” said Bektas.

The company’s workers managed to include the audio system for the premises, and access control in a single package. They have developed products that are easy to set up, which will be well ranked on the market because it offers comprehensive programs.

When it comes to new projects, Bektas says they are currently in the process of installing the interphone system for 200 users via mobile application in Denmark. They are installing a sound system in one elementary school, and they plan to place new products on the wider market.

He confirms that the team brings innovative and advanced solutions to BiH, especially in the field of innovation in the creation of integrated systems of protection and management of facilities.

“Our team has managed to develop “Integra Server”, which can be connected automatically and to all systems. These are advanced security-related programs that bring the most modern form of protection to the phone’s alarm system, “Bektas concludes.

(Source: biznisinfo)


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