Company from BiH starts Export of Anchovies to European Union Market


The fish processing factory “BH FISH” received all the necessary documentation to start anchovy export to the European Union market, Biznis Info writes.

The factory that was established 11 months ago, deals with filleting and processing of fish and apart from 60 people who are employed in the beginning, the export will bring opening up of additional workplaces.

But this is not the final statistics, because the product is intended for rich markets and the quantities that they can receive are unlimited.

Practically, as much of anchovy is processed in Zivinice, it will be able to be sold in Europe, which means that employment opportunities are also enormous.

“Over the past few months, we went through demanding a process to get an export number for the European Union. We had to meet all the strict standards of the European Union. The number is activated on January 2st1 and this is also the day when we will start exporting, “Zeljko Ricka, Director of BH FISH, told BiznisInfo.

Anchovy from Zivinice will be delivered to large chain stores in France, Germany, Spain and other Western European countries.

How much this project is significant for the local community is confirmed by the Mayor of Zivinice Samir Kamenjakovic.

“If everything goes as it is planned, there will be 250 women employed in the future. What is very important is that there are no qualifications required for this job, so this will be an opportunity for those who have just finished the elementary school to provide for themselves, “Kamenjakovic explained.

BH FISH is a factory founded by an investor from Spain, Jon Olasagasti Goya who owns four additional factories in the world.

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