A Complex of Towers and Shopping Centers to be constructed in Sarajevo?

sbf panelThe second day of the 8th Sarajevo Business Forum gathered a large number of investors, who tried to find the ideal investment opportunities in BiH on margins of many panels, and one of them is the captain Saud Alanazi, the owner of Malak Group.

Saud Alanazi, who already invested in certain economic sectors in BiH, announced the expansion of his investment in our country on this occasion and said that they are preparing the construction of a large complex in the capital of BiH next year.

“I invested in this country when I built a luxury hotel in Sarajevo 4 years ago. Also, I invested in the wood industry in Donji Vakuf as well. My main aim in this country is not making the money, I already make it all around the world, but I came here to open as many workplaces as possible, and thus I have 200 in Donji Vakuf, 100 in Sarajevo, and a considerable number of employees in the real estate sector as well,” said Alanazi.

Based on his experiences, he invited all investors to come and invest in BiH, because of many benefits that are offered, as well as the underdevelopment of certain economy sectors. Therefore, BiH is an ideal country for investment, especially in the hospitality and agriculture sectors. He also noted that there are some shortcomings in the legal framework, but that he has a full support given to his investments.

“I have a large piece of land in Sarajevo, about 50 dunums, and my company is planning to build a complex of towers and shopping centers, and I hope that this project will be realized next year, and I will concentrate the most on investments in the capital of BiH,” concluded Alanazi.

“I invested first in Ilidza, where I had no problems and received all permissions, and the same situation happened in Donji Vakuf, where I also had a positive experience with the local authority, and they assisted in my process in every way possible. However, it should be worked on developing a legal framework for investments in the future, for example, I’m still entering BiH with my tourist visa, and that should be improved,” he said.

However, these shortcomings are not terrible and a bright future is before BiH, believes the investor, which is why he is preparing new investments in our country.

And participants from Turkey showed enthusiasm about investing in BiH, and they announced that their country will continue to develop their cooperation with BiH.


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