Conclusions on the Meeting of Representatives of the Government of the CS and Investors from South Korea

investorsPrime Minister of Canton of Sarajevo, Elmedin Konaković, yesterday met with the investors from South Korea.

“We are convinced that Sarajevo can provide conditions for a top quality medical tourism and our interest to build a modern medical touristic complex located here, confirms the advantages and the chance of this area to become a regional leader of this, every day more popular, branch of tourism,” said Hong Soon Bong, the CEO of international investment company from South Korea “REI Group”. Investors from South Korea introduced this project to the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Elmedin Konaković, as well as representatives of relevant ministries, and presented in details the size, contents and purpose of this kind of touristic facility.

This medical touristic complex, as emphasized, would have the most modern medical equipment, would be able to provide any, and especially tertiary medical services, and it is intended to provide services for foreign patients, which would, according to the surveys of investors, be coming mostly from the Gulf countries, Russia and the countries from the region. In addition to a central facility and a number of services from almost all branches of medicine, they are planning to build 500 apartments for families of patients, together with the accommodation capacities for medical staff that would come from the other parts of the world.

The main thing that Sarajevo and B&H will get from this project is the large foreign investment that would enable the employment of local medical staff.




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