The Construction of the Factory in Srebrenica will Bring better Days

srebrenicaThe construction of the factory for production of chips has started in the town of Srebrenica. The preparations lasted for six months and construction works are in progress. By the end of May the production is planned to start, and the plan is to hire fifty workers. This factory will produce 15,000 tons of chips per year.

Before the war, Srebrenica was a place that was suitable for potato production.

Daily, the factory will produce six tons of potatoes. In addition to the production of chips, the animal feed will be produced out of the technological waste of potatoes.

All production is planned to be exported to known buyer. It is important to note that BiH annually imports about 10,000 tons of chips for the needs of hotels and restaurants.

The plan is for the construction works to be finished by the end of March, when the machinery and equipment will arrive. Installation should be completed by the end of May and early June, when the trial production should start.




(Source: ekapija)

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