Construction of Wind Power Plants next year

wind plantAt the session of the Municipal Council of Kupres, which was held on Monday, councilors discussed the Draft budget of the Municipality of Kupres in 2016 and made a decision on temporary financing of the Municipality Kupres in the amount of 2,389,000 BAM.
Mayor of the Municipality of Kupres Perica Romic said that he is very pleased with this year’s budget and its execution.

“We were able to decrease the debt of the municipality for about 700,000.00 BAM, and this year we paid off the debt from taxes and contributions for the period from 2005-2009, which amounted to 500 000 BAM,” noted Romic.

“By the draft budget in the amount of around 2.8 million BAM for the next year, capital projects that we are planning to realize are Agronomy Institute and sports fields as priority projects for which we have created all the conditions this year,” said Romic.

Moreover, they expect to build Electro Transmission line 110 KW from Tomislavgrad to Kupres for which, as Romic said, they have solved property rights, and whose construction would create conditions for the connection of wind power plants that are planned for construction on Kupres next year.


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