Continued Cooperation Between BiH and China in Area of Defense

Minister of Defense BiH Zekerijah Osmić and his Deputy Mirko Okolić received the inaugural visit of the Military Attache of China to BiH and Senior Colonel Liu Xingjanja in Sarajevo yesterday. It was simultaneously a farewell visit of the former Military Attaché, Brigadier Lanja Shua.

The departing Military Attahe of Chine, Brigadier Shu thanked the Minister for the reception and cooperation, and expressed his satisfaction for having the chance to spend three successful years as the Military Envoy in BiH.

Brigadier Shu spoke of the exceptional cooperation that has been formed between China and BiH in the last period.

Minister Osmić thanked the departing Military Attache for the contributions he made during his mission in our country, and expressed hope that he will continue to promote BiH from the position he will be assigned to in the future.

The Minister of Defense of BiH mentioned the current level of cooperation in the field of defense formed with China, and thanked Brigadier Shua for being a mediator in the realization of certain projects and assisting in the material-technical resources for the Armed Forces.

During the meeting, they expressed their wish that cooperation will continue and expand.

Another aid package for material-technical resources is being prepared, as well as plans to continue cooperation in the area of education of military personnel.

Minister Osmić and the Deputy Minister Okolić welcomed the newly appointed Senior Military Attache Liu Xingjiangu and expressed hope that he will, like his predecessor, continue the path of good and open cooperation in the area of defense.

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