Will Turkey and Serbia take over resolving the accumulated Problems in BiH?

Serbia and Turkey have their interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), each because of the one they are more in favor of, but that does not necessarily mean that they are well and positively in favor of BiH as a whole, analysts believe. Itcannot be expected of them to take the initiative to solve the problems in our country, but they can take part in the solution in coordination with other relevant actors.

“Some kind of coordination should be achieved between regional, European, and global dominant actors regarding BiH issues, so that some balance of their influences would lead to these influences being constructive and not maximalist. That no one pretends to realize his policy one hundred percent, and that also applies to the actors in BiH, ” told Milan Sitarski, a political analyst.

An analyst Antic thinks that it is because of their own interests that they already are and that they will continue to be involved in any subsequent negotiations on resolving the crisis in BiH. Neither Serbia nor Turkey, he says, can be excluded from the problem-solving process in BiH. Both countries have influence over domestic politicians.

“Serbia has its interests because of the Republika Srpska (RS) and the Serb people in BiH, while Turkey has interests because it has an influence on the Bosniak people, so I believe that these two countries in that regional context will certainly be actors and be asked for any solutions,” emphasized Velizar Antic, a political analyst.

The scenario where the President of Turkey, together with the Presidents of Serbia, Croatia, and BiH authorities sits at the same table and negotiates on the future of BiH, which Milorad Dodik called for, there is no great chance, Sitarski thinks. According to him, it is much more likely that bilateral, trilateral, or multilateral meetings will be held in which the different views and pretensions of all actors would be clearly seen. It can be used to reach a compromise solution to disputed issues. Journalist Rubina Cengic believes in the joint mediation of the mentioned actors in the negotiations on the future of BiH, but not that they can be useful.

“Because it is in their interest, it raises their value, they are presented in international circles as powerful, strong, and important enough to solve problems on a small barrel of gunpowder in the Balkans such as BiH, but I am not sure of their sincerity and loyalty to the idea of BiH, unified, independent,and sovereign BiH, ” explained Rubina Cengic, a journalist.

“Increased activity of actors at all levels, I think it is realistic and we will witness it in the upcoming period, and in the process, I believe that all actors, domestic, international, and foreign at all levels will show who is constructive, who is not, who is ready to compromise with other actors, and who aspires to some kind of exclusivism and one hundred percent fulfillment of some of its agendas, ” mentioned Milan Sitarski, a political analyst.

Even though BiH is an almost inevitable topic at such meetings, it does not make much sense to expect someone else to take over the solution of this country’s problems, nor to hand over the fate of BiH to the presidents of Turkey, Serbia, or Croatia, as analysts say. The responsibility should first of all be taken by BiH actors, specifically by the decision-makers in our country, BHRT writes.



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